Professional Services
Website Design
BYTEXTRA uses it's vast experience to produce innovative brand designs and user interactions. Whether your interests are geared strictly towards marketing or you want to design an all out brochure site, our talented website geeks are at your disposal, working with traditional values. As the Internet grows and browsers become more advanced, it can be important for you to work with designers who are trendy and has the flexibility and experience to stay ahead of the game.
Website Development
BYTEXTRA develop sites using the newest technologies and programming languages including PHP, Perl, Flash Actionscript, JavaScript, XML, UML, AJAX, jQuery, CSS and basic HTML. Your budget, application specifications, and understanding the pros and cons of each technology, will dictate which solution is best for your particular project. We are always in the forefront when it comes to implementing new technologies and hope that our research into new developmental techniques can benefit you.
Content Management Solutions
Is there anything more frustrating than needing to update your website, right now, but having to wait for your IT person to get through the other tasks on their list? Or having to wait for your web design company to call you back to schedule the change?

While BYTEXTRA offers fantastic update and maintenance services on an ongoing basis, we also offer powerful content management tools that enable you and your staff update your website in real-time.

Our bespoke content management systems allow you to manage virtually everything on your website and, unlike those many expensive CMS software packages, BYTEXTRA content management tools are flexible to grow with your website because we customize everything around your needs.

Whether you have a basic informational website that you need to keep up to date with news and announcements or a highly interactive website, we will create a content management system that fits your company or organization.
eCommerce Solutions
We take pride in the fact that every Web site we build is custom tailored to the specific needs, goals, and personality of a client's business. Find out how BYTEXTRA can help you stand out from the competition and reach the sales potential of your online eCommerce store.

We'll provide you with the expertise, creativity, and support to get your web site looking great, functioning seamlessly, and driving more targeted customers to your business. Not only is our Mountain Commerce platform built upon a "Search Engine Friendly eCommerce" architecture, but we can help you rise in the search engine rankings through our strategic SEO and search engine marketing services. If natural search rankings are important to you, our search engine optimization services can help turn that goal into reality.
Online Marketing
A successful online marketing plan means more than driving clicks to your web site. Our marketing professionals know the importance of implementing a comprehensive program that drives bottom-line success. BYTEXTRA plans, designs, develops, and implements custom web strategies that focus on creating new revenue while improving customer retention.

Whether you wish to develop a new Web 2.0 sales channel, gain search engine ranking, or harness specific aspects of Internet marketing, we will customize a program with your specific objectives in mind. BYTEXTRA has the expertise and intuitiveness to maximize your website's revenue potential. Why hire a team of in-house personnel to do what BYTEXTRA can do for a fraction of the cost. With a targeted, straightforward approach, We offers a pragmatic, creative approach with visible, measurable results.
Multimedia, Streaming, Audio and Animation
A multimedia website can get your point across in ways plain text can't. The immersive experience you offer on a website can quickly cultivate wider audiences and deepen brand loyalty.

We have the experience of designers and developers dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products in multimedia. Our infrastructure and rates are highly competitive, allowing us to meet the demands of any size projects with the appropriate cost.

Here's a quick list of our services and capabilities:
  • Basic Flash Services - Animations, advertisements, introductions and Flash websites
  • Advanced Flash Services - such as application development with dynamic data integration
  • 3D Animation
  • Live Audio and Video Streaming
  • On-Demand Audio and Video Streaming - Windows Media, Real Media, QuickTime, Flash and others
  • Secure Streaming content capabilites.
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